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Veggie mince with soybeans and brown rice 130g/4.5 oz

by Fukui
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Fukui's BEST PREMIER Produce Collection
Veggie Mince
Dried plant-based meat made from soybeans and brown rice
Just like meat! A realistic texture born from our unique proprietary process.
About the Product
A new form of meat made from plant-based ingredients. This soy product has a meat-like texture created from soybeans and brown rice. Our proprietary process developed from trial and error allows the suppress scent characteristic of soybeans while creating a chewy texture similar to meat.
Brown rice and non-fat soybeans are used to create the texture of meat without preservatives or coloring. When compared to animal meat, this is high in protein while being low in fat and calories!
It's manufactured in our own factory, rare even in Japan, where 28 major allergens other than soybeans are prohibited. We have acquired FSSC 22000 certification from SGS (Swiss headquarters), an international inspection agency.
Not only perfect for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan meals, we encourage everyone to try it in place of animal meat for a healthier diet.
Recommended Way of Enjoying
It’s easy to use, just replace the meat when making dishes like hamburger steaks and keema curry.
 Maisen Fine Food Co., Ltd.
Since our company's foundation, we have consistently aimed to be a food business that takes the health of our customers and environmental preservation into consideration. Our theme and philosophy for "food" is to be "friendly to people and the earth, delicious, safe, and healthy.


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