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Kibun Zeromen Gluten free Ready to Eat Noodle 5.29oz/150g

SKU 46661


This product is labeled as ”keep Refrigerated”, but since it is also sold at room temperature in Japan, we will deliver it with an ice pack in a cold bag, but when it arrives, it may be at the temperature of your area. Please refrain from purchasing if you worry about it.


Please feel free to contact for inquiries regarding product details and ingredients.


 California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
C.G. (Roswell, US)
Proposition 65 warning?

Why does this product have a Proposition 65 warning?

R.B. (Boynton Beach, US)
Thank you GOHAN

I could not find Zeromen noodles anywhere ! They are identical to Healthy Noodles which no one can get. Gohan sent the zeromen to me easily ! Great service !

m.J. (Augusta, US)

I was very skeptical VERY. Some come close.... This is spot ass on the pasta money. I will be at my local asian market to ask them to carry these.... They really are that good. FINALLY!!!! I do think that these will catch on to where you can get them anywhere. They really are that GOOD.

D. (Evanston, US)

Costco has been selling these with under a different name (Healthy Noodle) from the same manufacturer (Kibun) ... I too have been trying ALL the shirataki noodles out there and so far this one is by far is my favorite, as in its close enough to pasta noodles as no never mind... I eat them as (alway low fat recipes): spaghetti with meat sauce, mac and cheese (wish kibun made them in a macaroni shape), beef stroganoff, and also add them to various soups to make them much more filling and of course improvised Ramen.

Unlike the other brands which have a slightly Vjj smell, these have no smell or discernible taste.

Cooking tip: normal pasta has starch on it which causes the sauce to stick like glue to its edges, while this stuff does not, as such you NEED to futz with it to overcome this issue. A trick I've found is I put a serving into a pyrex soup/pasta bowl, put it into the toaster oven for about the same time as making if toast... this dries the noodles up and makes them shrink a bit... I then add the sauce on top of the noodles and as I mix the two the noodles go right back to original size having soaked up the liquid of the sauce... which inundates them with the desired flavor

C.F. (Paris, US)

These are the first noodles I’ve really enjoyed eating, they are the best that I’ve found, I wish I could buy them locally, I will continue to order them , where I live there isn’t an Asian store, thank you for these noodles