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by Fukui
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Fukui's BEST PREMIER Produce Collection
Ichihomare Super Noodle
Easy-to cook Gluten Free Brown Rice Noodle
Only 60 seconds to cook. An all-purpose gluten free noodle with fresh noodle-like texture that can be used in ramen, pasta or udon.
About the Product
Roasted brown rice noodles made exclusively from lchihomare brown rice from Fukui Prefecture and potato starch from Hokkaido. They have a savory aroma and a smooth, chewy texture made possible by a patented manufacturing method. In addition to wheat, none of the 28 specified allergenic ingredients are used. A wide range of people can enjoy it with peace of mind. It takes only 60 seconds to boil, so almost no cooking time is needed. The series has been ranked No. 1 on Amazon and Rakuten in Japan and has sold more than 400,000 servings in total.
Recommended Way of Enjoying
You can use it for noodle dishes of around the world, such as pasta, ramen, pho, pad thai, cold noodles and more.
Wants Co. Ltd.
No chemical seasonings, preservatives, flavorings or other additives are used. By using the umami of natural ingredients, we offer authentic deliciousness.

いちほまれ スーパー麺
福井県産いちほまれの玄米と北海道産のじゃがいも澱粉のみを使った焙煎玄米麺。香ばしい香りと、特許取得製法のつるつるモチモチな食感が特徴。小麦だけでなく、アレルギー特定原材料2 8品目は全て不使用。多くの方が安心して召し上がれます。たった60 秒で茹で上がるため、調理にも手間いらず。日本のAmazonや楽天で1位を獲得し、シリーズ累計販売数40万食を突破。

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