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Echizen Nabe Miso 14.1oz/400g

by Fukui
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Fukui's BEST PREMIER Produce Collection
Echizen-nabe Miso
All-purpose Seasoning
Deep, richly flavored miso, blended in-house.
About the Product
With only vegetables, the soup can be flavorful without using a meat broth. Chili pepper, garlic and Japanese mustard are added to this miso, to bring out a richer flavor than regular misos. The cap makes for easy storage if you don't use the whole pack at once.
Recommended Way of Enjoying
This miso makes a perfect meat marinade. For example, marinate chicken thighs in this Echizen-nabe miso and then simply pan-fry. The blend of Komego's special miso, garlic, chili pepper and Japanese mustard give a rich, spicy flavor.
Komego Co. Ltd.
Our ongoing mission to make miso has been handed down since our foundation in 1831. We don't do anything special, but continue with the ordinary things we've done all along. That's the backbone of Komego's unchanged flavor.

肉の出汁がなくても野菜の出汁だけで美味しくなる味。通常の鍋用みそと比べて唐辛子、にんにくの他に地がらし( 和がらし)を加え、味に深みを演出。キャップ付きのため、一度に使いきれなくても保管が容易です。
創業1831 年の歴史から脈々と培ってきた味噌作りへの思いは、今も尚、受け継がれています。

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