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by Fukui
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Fukui's BEST PREMIER Produce Collection
Bakumatsu Soy Sauce Powder
Soy sauce powder made from natural brewed traditional soy sauce
A soy-sauce powder that condenses the natural flavors and richness.  
About the Product
Made only from whole soybeans and wheat grown in Fukui Prefecture, natural brewed soy sauce is fermented and aged for one year in its natural state, without using any enzymes or food additives to promote brewing. This soy sauce, made with traditional techniques passed down from Edo Period, have been made into a powder. 80% of soy sauce is water. By removing the water content to make into a powder, the flavors and richness has been concentrated in fivefold. Thanks to the lack of moisture, it can be stored at room temperature even after being opened, making it convenient to keep on table top or to carry it for travel.
Recommended Way of Enjoying
As a seasoning of natural flavor, it can be used in place of soy sauce, salt, pepper, or salad dressing.
Muroji Co. Ltd.
Japanese oldest existing soy sauce brewery, founded in 1573. It was one of the largest soy sauce producers in Japan at the end of the Edo period, and was the first to export soy sauce from Japan via the Dutch trading post on Dejima Island in Nagasaki. The brewery was destroyed by war and a major earthquake, and after the war, the company diversified its operations to include the oil business.

1573 年創業、現存する日本最古の醤油蔵元。幕末期には国内最大級の生産量を誇り、長崎の出島よりオランダ商館を通して日本から初めて醤油を輸出。戦災や大地震で蔵が壊滅し、戦後は石油業など多角経営を図る。

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