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Sweet Soy sauce flavored Habutae Mochi 2.1oz/60g

by Fukui
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Fukui's BEST PREMIER Produce Collection

Sweet Soy sauce flavored Habutae Mochi
Habutae Mochi, a specialty of Fukui + soy sauce, made in Fukui
The perfect match of Habutae Mochi and sweet soy sauce paste.
About the Product
Sweet soy-sauce bean paste made with Fukui Prefecture soy sauce has been wrapped inside a Habutae Mochi. This soy sauce, made using traditional methods, is characterized by its slightly sweet and deep flavor. Enjoy the taste of mochi and soy sauce filled with the charm of Fukui.
Recommended Way of Enjoying
As it is, along with tea. As a souvenir or religious offering. Ideal as a topping for ice cream or shaved ice. As a snack, or when you are peckish.

Aratama Seika Co. Ltd.
Our company is dedicated to manufacturing based on our corporate philosophy of improving customer satisfaction and delivering seasonal Japanese confectionary. We deliver excellent products made with Fukuiis wonderful ingredients, mainly Habutae Mochi, all over Japan.

福井名産の羽二重餅 + 福井県産醤油



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